"Clothes make a statement, Costumes tell a Story"

                                                                                                                                                                          Mason Cooley

Time is a scarce resource and we understand that better than anyone.  Because we have limited visits in different  locations , we respect  our clients time as they appreciate ours.  Custom made attire is a luxury afforded to ones self.  Our goal is to gain and retain clientele by providing options that meets their individual budgets.

Taking Care Of Business

The JES Brand is fortunate to have a passionate and dedicated Master Tailor leading our design team. With over 30 years experience and the constant desire to keep learning, he’s built  an International clients  with his  reputation for service, quality and commitment.  

Choosing Wisely

We JES want our clients to look and feel their best.  There’s no better investment than in ones self.


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As a custom clothing provider we offer services to men and women for all occasions. Although we are most known for our Specialty of Men’s Tailored Suits, we also cater to the bride and groom who has a unique vision for their wedding attire. 
​ Our goal is to keep you  comfortable, confident and content in the way you look.